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Janna Parrish

Owner | Lead Certified Planner

I am an expert wedding planner that is passionate about helping sophisticated couples plan their dream wedding. I am a Certified Wedding Planner through QC Event School and Ashworth College.

Unbeknownst to me, my passion for event planning started early on as I helped my mom with company events. I always found a reason to host a gathering at my home.  My passion only grew more after I planned my own wedding in 2016. At that point, I knew that I wanted to build an event planning company that values inclusivity. I believe love is love and JSWE honors that through our vendor recommendations, interactions with couples, and how we show up in the event industry today and in the future.

My past clients would say that I am a great communicator, funny, straightforward and have an eye for detail. I love to educate my clients on how to maximize their budget, create a design that is personal them, and manage communications with vendors. Having a respectful and heartfelt relationship with my clients is extremely important to me. I believe that all couples should enjoy a planning process that is organized, personalized and is as seamless as possible.  

"You just never know how much of a necessity it is to have a wedding planner until you actually hire one. Janna and her team were exceptional with professionalism, expertise, planning, and time." Sendi | JSWE Bride 

Jasmine Parrish

Lead Assistant

I am Jasmine, better known as "Jay." I am your Lead Planner's right-hand lady. My job is to ensure that you are comfortable on wedding day.  Fixing your train for photos? That's me! Straightening your bowtie? You got it, me again!  


I started in the wedding industry with my wife, Janna. Aside from wedding day, I am assisting on the back end with design concepts and groom concierge service. My love for the industry grew by watching my wife work with so many amazing couples, assisting her on wedding day and watching all of the hard work come together

Jasmine 2.jpg

Janna, why should I choose Janna Simone Wedding & Events? 

We are all unique.  I believe that everyone will find their lifetime partner no matter your age, race, sexual orientation, size or religious beliefs. Most importantly, I too, have been in your shoes. I know what it is like to have a wedding idea keep you up past midnight, or to feel like it is so complicated to pick out the perfect linen.  My number one goal is to implement strategies I have studied to make your planning process as stress-free as possible.

While My 12-year background in customer service provides me with great skills such as effective communication, time management, conflict resolution, and reliability.  It is my creativity, knowledge, integrity, and care that allows me to be successful in my role as your wedding planner. With trends constantly changing, it is my duty to keep myself up to date. I am constantly looking for ways to educate myself and improve the services that I offer to my couples.   -Janna

Are we a great fit? 

To ensure that we provide our couples with exceptional service, JSWE accepts a limited number of weddings and events per year. We pride ourselves on working with the best fit celebrants.  You are an ideal celebrant for JSWE if: 

  •  You have a warm and inviting personality.

  • You understand the true value of a Wedding and Event Planner.

  • You appreciate convenience  and expertise.

  • You respond to communication in a timely manner.

  • You are respectful and courteous throughout the planning process.

  • You want to hire licensed and insured vendors.

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