Owner| Lead Planner

Hi there! I am so elated that you are considering Janna Simone Weddings & Events to be a part of your special day!


I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina where I later moved to Raleigh with my spouse, Jasmine. I developed my passion for planning events when I planned my first beach trip for my family. From there, I volunteered with my mother at company events and found any reason to host a family or friends gathering at my home. 


In 2016, I decided to plan my own wedding.  I had so much joy completing tasks such as selecting the most unique venue (a fully rented out restaurant) to creating event day signage. I knew that our wedding was different and there were so many personalized details that made our day even more special. We provided the officiant with readings that expressed our love for each other and we were even able to create our reception playlist from start to finish, just to name a few! Although, I planned the entire wedding, I still had help from a family friend on the wedding day to ensure we followed the timeline. From that day forward,  I knew I wanted to help other couples have the same experience that I did on my wedding day. I pursued my dreams, gained my first event planning certification through Ashworth, became an International Wedding Planning Professional (IWPP) and founded Janna Simone Weddings and Events in 2019. Since then, I have become and I am a Certified Timeline Genius and I am always applying myself to new wedding & event planning education! 




I plan weddings because LOVE WINS. We are all unique. I believe that everyone will find their lifetime partner no matter your age, race, sexual orientation, size or religious beliefs. Most importantly, I too, have been in your shoes. I know what is it like to have a wedding idea keep you up past midnight, or to feel like it is so complicated to pick out the perfect linen.  My number one goal is to implement strategies I have studied to make your planning process as stress-free as possible. My 9 year background in customer service provides me with effective listening skills, communication skills, time management and resolution skills. I will use these skills to help curate one of the most memorable days of your life! There is no better way to celebrate love than to help you plan your dream wedding! 




-I LOVE to sing

-Coffee is my best friend

-I love cooking

-My favorite food is Mac & Cheese

-Graphic Tees are my thing